October – November 2021


‘We embrace the philosophy of slow design to distance ourselves more and more from the frenzy and alienation that today’s society, we try to return to more natural rhythms.’
The Italian trio of Studio Terre, Nino, Jufà and Riccardo, encourages through its «Mediterranean» creations, instinctive, to a back to… the earth!

Made of raw earth, oil and wax natural, they invite to conversation, to sharing to the collective. 

In the moment of great change in which we find, we feel more than ever the need to focus and communicate something true. 

We try to step back and focus about what we think is important. 

In our vision, there is a strong appeal to home, to tradition.
 A return to the roots and the foundations of our culture.”
All mediums are good for expressing it, art as lifestyle.